Becoming Informed

This website is not affiliated with Invisalign nor does it aim to misrepresent itself as Invisalign's website. It is simply provides accurate and objective information about the revolutionary Invisalign system. Our aim is to provide a one-stop website where people interested in Invisalign products can find out everything they need to know. If you’ve been recommended a treatment using Invisalign by a friend or family member, you have arrived at this site hoping to learn more about what the treatment involves. Researching online via a trusted source always helps. You will probably still want to talk to our dentist again before making your mind up – but the site should at least enable you to go back with some clear questions at the forefront of your mind.

Alternatively, you may simply be researching orthodontic treatments prior to discussing the options available with your dentist. We would always recommend consulting our dentist before you make any decisions. However, you might find the pages on the advantages of Invisalign and the alternatives particularly helpful.

Don’t forget, this site isn’t sponsored by Invisalign, so you can trust us to be completely objective. There are lots of different orthodontic treatments on the market and each one is usually suited to a certain type of condition. So don’t worry. Even if you decide Invisalign is not quite right for you, there will probably still be an appropriate treatment out there somewhere. All the more reason to talk to our dentist!

What should I do next?

If you are interested in finding out more about Invisalign, the best place to begin would be to consult our dentist. We will be able to provide an initial recommendation for any aesthetic or orthodontic work you need, or alternatively, we will be able to refer you to an orthondontic specialist if required.

How long before results of Invisalign become obvious?
A. it really depends on the complexity of the case and on the amount of crowding/spacing
In some cases movements are noticeable within the first few months, in others it may take longer

Does Invisalign have a set price or will it differ for patients?
Q. Is the price of invisalign treatment one set price or is it dependent on how crooked the teeth are and how much movement is required? I am down for a consultation next week. I won’t be asked my decision on the spot, will I?
A. Invisalign prices are generally in a range but most people need top and bottom jaws treated.  No consultation should demand that you decide there and then take your time to make sure you get what suits you best.

What is the average treatment time for Invisalign?
A. It depends on the case average treatment time is 14 months but ranges from 6 months to 2 years.

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